never stop learning.


hw to b alne

Agak lama tidak menulis di sini.

Anyway. Since SPM result is out, cerpen khas buat adik-adik dan para pendidik.

Boys and girls. Whatever the result is, it's not the end of the world. Knowing that what you really want in your life, discover your interest before continuing on university education eventually is so more more more important than just the numbers of A on that piece of paper.

I once thought that, spent those six years (or maybe more) learning a specific lesson and methodology, far away from the motherland, so I could get a better job and good pay, and happy. But I don't really know what it was all about. Engineering (in Malaysia at least) is somehow overrated. Or maybe it's just me.

Not saying that is 100% wrong.  But then,

I quit my engineering career few months ago, neglecting my Japanese ability, and now, I'm technically jobless and struggling financially.

But being able to do what I want (love) to do at my own phase, entertain a right bunch of people, and hmm.. quite happy. Sounds about 100% right.

I don't regret it that I went to the university. In my opinion university is more of a place for personality development and all.

Anyway, nothing is too late and..  Never. Stop. Learning.


Unknown said...

itulah, apa yang aku buat sekarang adalah 1/7 dari bidang biotech yang aku belajar. said...

Lebih specifik lebih bagus. Itu apa yang aku sedar sebenarnya. Dari kau buat semua benda, tetapi benda yang kau tak mahir. Dah akhirnya kau menjadi biasa-biasa sahaja.


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